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Engaging diverse participants through  exercises that don't feel like a waste of time

Are you tired of meetings that feel like they could have been an email, or workshops with no follow-up? Me too! After facilitating high-level strategy workshops for everyone from UN Agencies to tech start-up C-Suites, I know that facilitation is as much art as science. I also know what it takes to make a workshop worth your time, and can help you make your next one a success.

I can help:

  • Create a detailed plan based on your needs, objectives, and your participants' expectations

  • Surface and understand needs and expectations prior to the workshop, and measure satisfaction after the workshop

  • Facilitate, and/or coach and train aspiring facilitators on your team, to deliver an engaging  and productive workshop

  • Organize all the logistics around the event (whether it is remote, in-person, or hybrid, and whether it is a couple of hours or over several days)

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